Activating TOSIBOX® technology in Fidelix device

Congratulations for choosing a product with readiness for secure TOSIBOX® technology!  By activating TOSIBOX® Readiness, you are enabling secure remote access to your Fidelix device.



    Order the license code

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    We will send the License Code(s) to you by email by the end of the next business day. You can activate TOSIBOX® Readiness via  the device’s interface once you have the Code and the TOSIBOX® Key.


    Activate TOSIBOX® Readiness technology

    Once TOSIBOX® Readiness is activated, you have to match TOSIBOX® Key and your device. Matching is required for your device and TOSIBOX® Key to become a trusted pair. During this process, the devices exchange their security certificates (and public keys). Matching process takes 10-15 seconds and once that is completed, you are ready to use TOSIBOX® technology. This trust relationship is the basis for all secure communication happening afterwards.

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    Welcome to TOSIBOX® IoT ecosystem!

    In case you need help using TOSIBOX® Readiness technology, contact our Support.