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AHR Expo February 3-5, 2020 US

The AHR Expo in Orlando, FL, is the world’s largest HVACR event, attracting the most comprehensive gathering of industry professionals from around the globe. It’s the place to learn about industry trends, best practices and solutions from the people creating them. TOSIBOX® brings security, savings and efficiency to building automation – we are happy to welcome you to visit us at booth 1288!

Game Changer for secure connectivity, data gathering and network management

With TOSIBOX® you can create a fully secure remote connection within minutes, and without special IT skills. You can build and manage networks and IoT infrastructures with the easily expandable and timeless solution. Utilize these 4 key points by using our solution and stay on top of your game!

  1. Standardized deployments
  2. No fixed or public IP Addresses
  3. Easy access group management
  4. Compatible with all brands, devices and protocols

Learn the essentials – NetLab hosted by Tosibox

No matter if you skip AHR or participate the event – we welcome you to join our webinar! Within 30 minutes you will learn how TOSIBOX® solution works and how you can benefit of it.

Time: Thu Feb 20, 9:00 – 9:30 AM EST

Presenter: William Behn & Jerry Reeves

Or test our solution yourself!

If you are interested in our solution – don’t hesitate! Just order our starter kit and find out yourself.

TOSIBOX® connectivity enables demand management for luxury mall’s energy manager

Read our customer study to gain insight how our satisfied customer used TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ to provide easy and secure connectivity for remote maintenance and data acquisition. And how they now enjoy 67% reduction in grid energy purchases!

4 benefits TOSIBOX® brings to building automation

  1. Secure connection
    In building automation, costs have been a bigger priority than data security, until now. With the TOSIBOX® Lock, the system is secure as its firewall prevents all unnecessary data communication.
  2. Cost-efficiency
    With TOSIBOX® there is no need for fixed IP addresses, leading to cost savings.
  3. Standard deployment
    With TOSIBOX®, you can use the same network configuration each and every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration can be automated so that the whole deployment takes place in only 15 seconds.
  4. Device access management
    With TOSIBOX® you can easily create access groups and share relevant data with maintenance staff, estate managers, subcontractors, property owners, tenants and residents.