AHTD Spring Meeting Apr 10-13, 2019 USA - TOSIBOX
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AHTD Spring Meeting Apr 10-13, 2019 USA

For over 30 years, the Association for High Technology Distribution has worked to increase the productivity, profitability and market share of our Automation Solution Providers and Manufacturers. Similarly, with TOSIBOX® you can improve your product and service performance and customer satisfaction. This is why Tosibox will be participating again to AHTD Spring meeting, Amelia Island, Florida.

Build and manage a secure IoT infrastructure in minutes

At the event you have a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with our solution. Contact our expert, Jerry Reeves, already beforehand the event and book a meeting! And of course Jerry will be available for your questions at the table 32 during Product showcase and reception,  Thu 4:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. In the meanwhile you can learn more about our solution and products from our webpages.

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“I hate networks, but I love Tosibox!” David Lawrence, Managing Director, Lawrence Electrical

Tosibox is a proud member of the AHTD organization. In the video you can hear Bill Behn discuss the benefits of AHTD for Tosibox:


Let’s discuss about securing IoT connections!

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Jerry Reeves

Sales, USA

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Bill Behn

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