Tosibox in media: Automazione Integrata & IEN Italia
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Automazione Integrata & IEN Italia

TOSIBOX® is a revolutionary product for simple, quick and secure remote access. It allows the establishment of a direct VPN tunnel between the user and remote devices without a cloud.

Here are two articles where you can learn more about TOSIBOX® written in Italian. Automazione Integrata magazine mentions Tosibox in an article titled “Telecontrollo e teleassistenza” (Remote control and remote assistance). This article was published in their May 2017 issue.

IEN Italia magazine has written an article where they introduce the TOSIBOX® solution and its benefits. The article published on May 10 is titled “Dispositivo Plug & Go™ – Per connessioni remote rapide e sicure” (Plug & Go™ device – For fast and secure remote access), and it’s also available on the magazine’s website.