Baking industry saves time and money with TOSIBOX®
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Baking industry saves time and money with TOSIBOX®

The food industry, like many others, requires precise measurement of ingredients when making products. Bakeries are no exception and require their machines to operate constantly within the tolerances set by their operators. Subtle changes in those tolerances through operator error require specialist interaction to monitor and make any adjustments necessary. Accessibility to the machine is paramount, but due to geographical and accessibility challenges this is not always possible in a timely manner, and machine downtime is not an option.

An easy to configure and deploy system was very important as time on the site was limited due to external factors. It needed to be secure and the connection reliable. TOSIBOX® enabled Lawrence Electrical and Atlas to deliver this in a size that is easily installed virtually anywhere.

“I hate networks, but I love Tosibox!” says David Lawrence, Managing Director at Lawrence Electrical.

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