Build your own operational network powered by TOSIBOX®

The excitement brought on by the Internet of Things has captivated an abundance of industries. IoT as a high-level overview has allowed for data to be provided from multiple points and locations and points for access to this by users. The users would then benefit from this in everyday applications from home life to business and everywhere in between.

The challenge when creating and using current IoT applications is the single-direction data flow, where sensors and gateways are getting connected up to platforms. Organizations have since discovered that having insight into their system without being able to do anything about it is useless.

Things have changed.

Building an application ecosystem that consists of sensors, devices, IT systems and users from both legacy applications and new era technology is made simple with the ability to acquire data in a bi-directional transparent format from any IP device, and the new OT model is something you should look into. The OT model considers people, edge connectivity, centralized data points and a two-way data flow between everything.




What is an operational network?

To understand OT, we must first define IT, information technology.

IT is the common term for the entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services. IT manages the flow of digital information (data). In general, IT does not include embedded technologies that generate data for enterprise use.

Gartner defines OT, operational technology as hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes and events.

IT vs. OT is an ongoing debacle, but it does not have to be. Ethernet has become the industry standard, using the same network technologies in the production (OT) and administrative (IT) areas. These identical technologies ignite the hope of an acceleration of information sharing between different players within a company.

The solution to IT/OT convergence is to build a separate OT network and in a controlled way link that to the IT network in order to transfer data from the operative network to the servers and systems in the IT network.  




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Benefits of operational networks

You may be giving users the ability to have private networks of communication, agnostic of the internet connection type and then allowing them to have features like access management, transparent true remote access, or all of the above. No matter what stage of  digitalisation you are in, understanding the OT model is valuable for your business. It will not be long before someone asks you to start pulling data from your systems, so start building your OT ecosystem now. Segmenting your networks off of the IT networks brings many benefits:

  1. Savings: The IT/OT convergence is profitable as it opens up choices to users of which players to utilize. The use of a wide choice of common infrastructures that avoid segmented networks.
  2. Interoperability: Flexibility between various technologies and rapid porting between various business departments and across industries of multiple applications.
  3. Data: A very fast flow of data with large volumes enabling more efficient and cheaper decision making. Commercial and technical decisions can thus interact in real time.
  4. OT cyber security: The data is only visible to those who have the right to see it, coming directly from the source; the information is not falsified by intermediate calculations or by manual data entry into a spreadsheet.




Operational network must-haves

The design or implementation of an OT network must comply with certain rules such as those of data and network security, speed and simplicity of installation and the possibility for scaling up:

  • Simple network management
  • Layer 2 & Layer 3 connections for device interaction
  • Always-on data acquisition
  • OT cyber security – you own your data
  • Concentrate in cloud servers, on-premises or both (hybrid)
  • Scalable, future-proof and cost-effective to meet growth
  • Compatible with all manufacturer & IT protocols

Failure to comply with these rules can make networks expensive to maintain and develop and may eventually lead to a degradation of security or an increase in an operational budget to ensure network protection.  



TOSIBOX® is purpose-designed for OT security

Tosibox has taken the cost, complication, and security risk out of building your OT network. We are already helping secure and manage networks in 150 countries. TOSIBOX® is your cyber secure network for storing and exchanging your data through a centralized communication system, connecting your people and your machines. It is a simple way to build agnostic operational networks from zero trust to 100% trust.  



Benefits of TOSIBOX® for OT networking

TOSIBOX® provides VPN connectivity and easy network administration solving the IT/OT convergence, without costly investments.

  1. Less focus on IT functions. TOSIBOX® comes with a smooth deployment process that you can carry out even without extensive IT skills. The standardized implementation means IT departments can focus their time on other tasks instead.
  2. Not a billion-dollar venture. Building an OT network with TOSIBOX® significantly lowers your investments to IT solutions. TOSIBOX® is cost-effective and does not require big start-up costs.
  3. Simple access control. TOSIBOX® provides centralized access management between IT applications, OT and the physical environment that you can do, independent of IT.
  4. More focus on applications. TOSIBOX® connectivity gives you access to data that lets you tap into concepts such as machine learning and predictive maintenance.
  5. Enable new revenue streams. Run your customers’ operations more efficiently with better customer experience and profitability. Offer TOSIBOX® with service to your customers and end users to create new services and cashflows.
  6. Enable modern business models. TOSIBOX® can provide the secure and cost-effective solution for connectivity on the edge and modern cloud platforms needed to refine the model of bringing the data to a central point.
  7. Increase operational effectiveness. With TOSIBOX®, you can reduce downtime, the cost of ownership, give operational team access to their data, decrease the need to travel, and provide a quicker response to your customers, making them happier.
  8. Position yourself as a thought leader. Cyber security is a business differentiator for you, your company, and your customers. TOSIBOX® is your tool for building a highly secure operational network with end-to-end encrypted remote connections and network management tools.