Building automation with secure operational networks

Building service providers benefit from operational networks by providing real property owners with advanced, real-time services.


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Benefits of operational networks for building service providers

Benefits of operational networks in the building automation include:

  • Real-time building services
    The OT network connects all building systems into the same ecosystem, for example building automation, energy monitoring, HVAC, security systems, lighting, sensors and thermostats.
  • Remote data collection, control and management
    Real estate property is often geographically dispersed in several locations. The OT network enables remote collection of data from the building systems, controlling them 24/7, and granting access to real own or external estate managers, subcontractors or customers.

TOSIBOX® enables a secure remote connection to building automation

TOSIBOX® brings security, savings and efficiency to building automation.

  • Secure connection
    In building automation, costs have been a bigger priority than data security, until now. With the TOSIBOX® Lock, the system is secure as its firewall prevents all unnecessary data communication.
  • Cost-efficiency
    With TOSIBOX® there is no need for fixed IP addresses, leading to cost savings.
  • Standard deployment
    With TOSIBOX®, you can use the same network configuration each and every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration can be automated so that the whole deployment takes place in only 15 seconds.
  • Device access management
    With TOSIBOX® you can easily create access groups and share relevant data with maintenance staff, estate managers, subcontractors, property owners, tenants and residents.

Compatible with all standards

TOSIBOX® is compatible with all building automation brands and providers in the market, such as Fidelix, Honeywell, Beckhoff, Siemens, and many more.

The TOSIBOX® network transmits any form of data, regardless of the protocol.