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Baking company includes TOSIBOX® at oven systems to eliminate VPN challenges

The HEUFT Company Group deploys the Tosibox remote access solution in its worldwide customer service operation. The HEUFT Company Group with headquarters in Bell, Germany, is a manufacturer of high quality and automated baking ovens for small-size bakeries as well as for large-scale industrial baking facilities. In the last 15 years HEUFT has developed into an international technology group with subsidiaries and commercial representatives in over 20 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Thomas Kahl, Acting After Sales Manager at the HEUFT Company Group explains: “Back in 2010, we supported 5 different VPN remote access solutions. However, many of these solutions were not compatible with each other and IT issues on the Customer Support computers were frequent. From the professional background and education our service technicians are electricians and mechanics engineers. It was therefore important for us to find a solution that could be installed with limited IT know-how. Production related interruptions in a bakery facility usually occur at night. That is why the remote access solution has to be very reliable and also easy to install. In the past, certain baking oven installations would drag out for months waiting for the customer`s IT approvals due to the complexity of configuring secure VPN connections and gaining access to the company firewall.”

Requirements and testing phase

Mr. Kahl recalls: “We understood that we needed a unified and standardized remote access solution within our company group. We therefore started to test and compare different remote access solution in the market. The main selection criteria were the ease of installing the solution and its reliability during customer support operations. We use predefined static IP addresses as well as clearly defined machinery and customer site naming conventions in order to facilitate the remote access in support cases. In the summer of 2014, one of our suppliers presented the TOSIBOX® remote access solution to us and handed us the TOSIBOX® Key, a small cryptoprocessor device that enables instant remote access to remotely located equipment. We finally came to the conclusion that Tosibox was the best solution for our support application and for service engineers. It was especially the easy installation and use of the TOSIBOX® solution that convinced us.”

The Solution

Within a few months, the TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ remote access solution has developed into a standard application tool for the worldwide HEUFT customer support operation. The TOSIBOX® Lock is being installed by default into the control cabinet of the baking oven system. The TOSIBOX® devices enable automatic VPN connections to the customer sites over the internet without the need to reconfigure the customer`s firewall. A HEUFT specific configuration file was stored onto the master key to enable the automatic set-up of locks in a few minutes and thus avoiding human configuration errors. With a TOSIBOX® key connected to a computer with internet access, the HEUFT customer support engineer or a customer can access a baking oven system at the remote customer site instantaneously within a few seconds. Other benefits for HEUFT customers are that no additional installation efforts are required on customer site, the easy installation and the high data security standards of the TOSIBOX® solution. Recently, TOSIBOX® Central Lock, a monitoring system, was installed at the customer service headquarter in order to gather service log data and connection interruption alerts.

Thomas Kahl points out the TOSIBOX® solution has helped gain new international customers: „Today, more than 60% of the total turnover is generated outside of Germany. North Amerika, Australia and Japan are becoming new important markets and we have received positive feedback from those markets. Our new customers are happy to hear that we are offering a remote connection that is so easy to install. The only thing the customer needs to do is to connect the power cord and the ethernet cable to the customer network or router. Tosibox has made an important contribution to enhance our Customer Support operation, especially considering the new foreign markets that we are entering, and to increase the service level to our worldwide customers.”




“We understood that we needed a unified and standardized remote access solution within our company group. Tosibox has made an important contribution to enhance our Customer Support operation.”

Thomas Kahl, Acting After Sales Manager at the HEUFT Company Group



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