System integrator expands service offering with TOSIBOX®


In a world where secure connectivity is necessary, and because many of Silver Lake’s customers are in remote or isolated areas, the company was continuously challenged with finding a technology solution that could reliably provide secure, remote access to its customers’ systems, was fast and easy to deploy, and could efficiently support diverse system topologies and communications protocols in different industries.

In addition to responding to customer requests, Silver Lake was also looking to expand service offerings by providing troubleshooting, programming, and IIoT services to monitor for equipment reliability, predictive maintenance and continuous improvement.

Silver Lake found their biggest hurdle was that existing/legacy systems required a significant depth of knowledge and setup time to establish a reliable connection. These requirements are costly in both time and money which in an integrators world limits project throughput and growth. Not to mention, they were confronted with legacy connectivity solutions that were limited in their ability to network the diverse system topologies.


After trying numerous legacy remote access products, and after having too many experiences using VPN technology that required 3rd party interaction (cloud), the need for paid subscription services, and/or the requirement for deep IT knowledge to secure and scale networks, Silver Lake contacted Tosibox. Not long after getting their hands on a TOSIBOX® Lock and Key it was evident the TOSIBOX® platform could solve their need for a uniform connectivity platform that could scale as their investment in support and IIoT services grew.

Not to mention, TOSIBOX® performed so well as a platform that Silver Lake could confidently present TOSIBOX® to their customer base which allowed them the same secure connectivity experience. Additionally, their customers could now have support from Silver Lake as needed, thus creating new revenue streams as well as additional contact points which initiates new business opportunities.

Currently, Silver Lake is implementing the TOSIBOX® Central Lock at their headquarters to centralize connections from multiple locations, securely creating a much stronger relationship with their customers and their systems, while realizing, managing, and creating additional revenue streams. After seeing the success of implementing TOSIBOX® technology, Silver Lake is now planning to retrofit the TOSIBOX® Lock into its existing customers’ systems.


”We found Tosibox by word-of-mouth. Basically, a network of colleagues were remarking about this box that creates a secure VPN quickly and simply. In a space where more and more platforms are competing by adding features that are rarely all used in the same device, Tosibox provides a clean, quick, and functional solution for our business. Make a tunnel quickly. Make it secure easily. Now go to work. This product streamlines the expansion of our business.”

Jerry Reeves, Automation Manager, Silver Lake Automation


  • Easy to configure and deploy which minimizes design and implementation time and increase project throughput
  • Scalability to meet customer needs as well as the needs of a growing support business
  • Improved and reliable speed of data transfer
  • Excellent ongoing support from Tosibox
  • Alignment with networking standards allows for an easy design and development process


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