Easy TOSIBOX® remote access helps reach new heights

The assignment was to install electricity, power and automation control for a conveyor belt at DA Mattssons recycling facility. The family-run DA Mattsson AB is one of Europe’s most modern recycling facilities lies in Upplands Väsby outside Stockholm, Sweden. It receives rubble masses and natural materials and refines and sells recycled products and soil. The company also rents out storage land and warehouses.


One of Europe's most modern recycling facilities

DA Mattssons receives between 400 and 500 trucks with rubble every day and has invested in a wet-screen plant with which they can efficiently wash and sort rubble and natural materials that are recycled for further sale. In order to further streamline operations and avoid driving materials with vehicles within the plant, they chose to invest in a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is 30 meters above ground and runs about 300 meters from the wet-screen plant, where a 200-meter cross-strap moving back and forth takes off. From this cross-strap, the washed stock should then be sorted and emptied into various piles on the ground.

Remote access was needed to start and stop the automatic process of the conveyors. It was also required to move a conveyor from side to side, to change parameters such as speed, ramp times for start and stop, and timers for runtime, and to troubleshoot the automatic process and reset.

TOSIBOX® provides remote access to a conveyor

The solution was a tripartite collaboration between Elektroskandia, who supplied equipment, Rowall Svenska AB, a skilled integrator who could develop a tailor-made automation control for the conveyor belt, and Sandströms Elfirma, who was responsible for the entire project and performed the installation.

Among the automation products that the control cabinet is equipped with are Siemens Simatic PLC, S71200, Operator panel TP700 Comfort, 4 Sinamics G120 drives (3kW, 4kW, 15kW), 2 main contractors safety relay, 4 fuses and 4 motor protection switches and a TOSIBOX® Lock. TOSIBOX® Lock and Key were used to establish a remote connection. Then the Rowall team can connect either via Siemens TIA portal to the Siemens components or Mirror the Siemens HMI panel to operate the automatic process. They can also access the Siemens Software to make changes in the PLC program code.

There is a ground cabinet 250A from which the connection band goes up to the control cabinet for the automation. The control cabinet is located 30 meters from the ground. Instead of having to climb up the stairs, the conveyor belt can be controlled via TOSIBOX® Key or the TOSIBOX® Mobile Client app.

TOSIBOX® is compatible with all industrial automation brands and providers in the market. The TOSIBOX® network transmits any form of data, regardless of the protocol.

“I had tested TOSIBOX® products before out of curiosity to see if they would serve my customer’s needs, and even with my limited skills about ethernet and remote VPN connections, I was able to configure it and make it function. When we were later introduced to this automation project, I felt it was easy to use TOSIBOX® for this application.”

Henrik Sandelin, Automation Technician, Rowall Svenska AB


  • Easy configuration-free Plug & Go™ implementation without special IT skills
  • Troubleshooting is possible remotely from anywhere in the world instead of having to climb up to control cabinets in challenging locations.
  • Internet connection, operator, and device agnostic solution

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Rowall Svenska AB is a small but competent company based near Stockholm, Sweden with long experience in industrial automation and working with many market leading companies.

Elektroskandia has been operating as an electrical wholesaler in Sweden since 1904. The company markets and sells electrical equipment and systems in the fields of power/automation, tele/data/security, lighting, domestic appliances and industrial necessities.