Farm equipment manufacturer steps into the IIoT with TOSIBOX®
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Farm equipment manufacturer takes giant step into the IIoT with TOSIBOX® technology

Valmetal is the largest North America farm equipment manufacturer. Valmetal was looking for a solution to access their systems remotely to connect to the PLCs, HMIs and VFDs of their system.

With the TOSIBOX® solution, Valmetal has built their own maintenance and IoT infrastructure right into their systems without impacting the customer’s network. TOSIBOX® solution helped improve Valmetal brand with a modern approach to post-sales support.

TOSIBOX® provides modern cyber security for Valmetal machines and customers.

”With TOSIBOX®, we have taken the steps to provide customers modern interaction with their machinery and our marketing and sales teams a differentiator that matters.”

Alexandre Beland, Control & Design Engineer, Valmetal

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