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Improved Vehicle Wash Systems

Tosibox delivered a secure and  intelligent remote access solution that shortened deployment times, minimized integration costs and eliminated operator dependencies and monthly fees.


Tammermatic Oy is a global high-tech company that manufactures wash systems for cars, heavy transport vehicles, buses, rail fleets and a range of special equipment. Tammermatic was confronted with the challenge of being able to securely and reliably monitor and maintain their network of globally dispersed car wash systems.

They were suffering from frequent downtimes, reliance on costly IT expertise and too much time and money spent on establishing and maintaining connections between Tammermatic’s control room and the remote premises where the car wash systems were located. Tammermatic’s dependency on 3rd party operators posed a particular challenge to their service response times and growth, as changes in providers or their networks caused lost connections and significant delays in the commissioning of new locations. In the worst of cases, the set-up of remote connections became impossible.


Tosibox’s easy Plug & Go® technology drastically shortened Tammermatic’s new machine deployment and connection times from hours (and often days) to minutes, significantly reducing costs for IT professionals or other previously required technical expertise. TOSIBOX® Central Lock allowed them to deploy and manage these connections quickly and easily at scale, allowing the growth of their network to keep pace with the growth of their business.

Network dependency was a big challenge for Tammermatic, particularly in areas where they were reliant on mobile broadband networks. Tammermatic relied on operator networks to be able to monitor and maintain their systems, but mobile networks provide a notoriously poor backbone due to constant changes in their network structure as well as external environmental conditions. This meant that every time the network changed, Tammermatic incurred costs associated with downtime and reconnecting machines to the network. Tammermatic was motivated to find a connectivity solution that would address these problems, and TOSIBOX® solved this challenge through its intelligent connection manager, TosiOnlineTM, which minimized Tammermatic’s downtime and business disruption due to problems with backbone networks.

Of course, Tammermatic’s concerns extended beyond simply creating and maintaining connections. They also needed an easy, flexible and cost effective way to remotely monitor and maintain their connected systems. TOSIBOX® system made it easy for Tammermatic by allowing them to provide each member of service personnel with their own Key, giving them simple and easy remote access to only the machines and information they need. And since every Key has a direct VPN connection to its matching Lock, Tammermatic was able to do all this without the monthly fees normally associated with 3rd party hosted solutions.

Tammermatic also found additional time and cost savings from Tosibox’s flexibility and interoperability. TOSIBOX® solution is machine, operator and network independent. It works with the most common machines on the most common networks including wired ethernet, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband, regardless of provider. So TOSIBOX® allowed Tammermatic to spend less time and money trying to make it all work, and more time making it all work for them.


TOSIBOX® solution brings several benefits to Tammermatic’s operational systems:


TOSIBOX® solution has brought significant gain to our business by facilitating an easy and cost effective means to establish remote connections to delivery locations around the world. Secure and reliable connections by TOSIBOX® provide a long term solid platform for Tammermatic’s business and its deliveries.”

Jani Laitamäki, After Sales Manager, Tammermatic Group




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