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Intelligent lighting company secures their network with TOSIBOX®


Valopaa’s iLUMNET is an Intelligent Lighting Control System. Tosibox technology effortlessly creates a secure network for the system Intelligent lighting is becoming more and more popular in the global market.

Valopaa Ltd offers a system that controls intelligent lighting. Valopaa’s iLUMNET system is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that makes it possible to control the lighting based on, for example, time, surrounding conditions and brightness or any detected movement.


Intelligent lighting systems are highly reliable, but without a safe internet connection the system is vulnerable. The system includes different technologies, such as the iLUMNET cloud server, sensors, and the LED lights. When the technology is in use, disruptions may appear or maintenance might be needed. When things like this happen, the owner needs to survive without some of the lighting system’s services or features. In these situations there is also a possibility for extra costs.


An encrypted network connection between the iMaster control unit and the iLUMNET cloud server is formed with TOSIBOX® remote access. It is easy to use, and creating a connection takes less than a minute. Tosibox’s Plug & Go ™ product consists of two small units called the Lock and the Key. The Lock is an intelligent device to which the remotely used devices are connected. The Key is an intelligent crypto processing device that resembles a widget or a flash drive, and its software is installed on the user’s computer using a USB connection. The Lock and the Key create a secure remote connection automatically via Internet. The patented solution formed by the Lock and the Key is compatible with all operators and devices. It does not require a static or a public IP address, firewall openings or port control. The remote connection created with TOSIBOX ® is highly reliable and safe.

In Valopaa’s iLUMNET system the Lock is installed in iMaster and the Key on the computer that controls the iMaster unit. Valopaa uses the TOSIBOX® Central Lock to allow communication between the cloud server and different iMaster units. If necessary, Valopaa can contact iMaster – located anywhere in the world – with the Key through the Central Lock.

If there are any malfunctions or failures in the system, system administrators can use their own computer to contact the iMaster and see what’s going on. It is possible to do maintenance work remotely, so you don’t need to be on location every time.


The reason we chose Tosibox was that they were able to offer us a ready-made, reliable solution. It is possible to do maintenance work remotely, so you don’t need to be on location every time. ”

Valopaa, Jari Kangas






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