Case: Robotics company
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Robotics company improves usability and customer satisfaction with TOSIBOX® remote access solution

Robot systems are increasing in numbers in the global market every year. KINE provides Robot Systems as a Service to its customers in many industries. The service includes system development, assembly, testing, and deployment along with predictive maintenance technologies increasing overall equipment effectiveness. The systems have life cycle of multiple years and KINE makes sure that they stay up and running with minimal downtime.

Managing systems remotely for fast response time to problems in order to minimize downtime on production needs to be done securely and with ease. In the past, different and separate virtual private network (VPN) tools and connections were used for each system, making it difficult to control remote access privileges and also the systems itself. Finally, modifying customer’s firewall settings and setting up additional VPN servers in customer’s side is time consuming and sometimes not possible.

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”We chose TOSIBOX® because it was ready-made, reliable, and security audited solution. It enables us to manage all our robot systems remotely, and on the go, improving customer satisfaction when the systems are kept up and running longer.”

Kimmo Salonen, KINE



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