Leading ski lift manufacturer maintains over 99% uptime with TOSIBOX®

Leitner-Poma of America standardizes on TOSIBOX® connectivity technology to secure global network of transportation systems


Leitner-Poma has installed aerial and surface systems all over the world and has established its position as a market leader. Its worldwide network has installed more than ten thousand transportation systems, in sixty-one countries, and safely transport eight million passengers each hour. Reliable operation of transportation equipment is essential, but as with all machines, issues are expected to arise from time to time. If a lift at a remote location has issues or is down, remote access is needed to diagnose what is wrong.

Previously there was no consistent way to get to the machines around the world. Leitner-Poma found that using hand-made, traditional Cisco-based IT-networking was not scalable per their needs or operationally feasible. Remote access became difficult to set up, use and maintain.

Moreover, connection reliability was an ongoing challenge. The old system was constantly requiring Leitner-Poma to thinker with it to keep it connected. The company was looking for a reliable remote connection that was easy to set up and use.


Leitner-Poma discovered the patented TOSIBOX® technology that provides a consistent and standardized VPN access anywhere in the world in 5 minutes and without special IT skills.

Leitner-Poma discovered the patented TOSIBOX® technology that provides a consistent and standardized VPN access anywhere in the world in 5 minutes and without special IT skills. TOSIBOX® solution has been a game changer for Leitner-Poma’s team, making their job easier and less time consuming. By using TOSIBOX®, they have been able to save time and have more time fixing their ski lifts, gondolas, trams, and so on.

TOSIBOX® Lock and Key create a secure point-to-point connection between the machine and user that allows effortless troubleshooting. Remote access is established simply by plugging in the Key to a computer’s USB port and logging in to the TOSIBOX® Key software to connect.

TOSIBOX® is also used to maintain secure access to Leitner-Poma’s global network of systems. TOSIBOX® is not a cloud service, but a direct VPN tunnel between the physical devices. Only trusted devices can access the network. Cyber security and risk management are now addressed with bank-level encryption.

Leitner-Poma even enjoys more reliable connectivity than before, and there is no longer the concern about whether it will connect or stay connected. With TOSIBOX®, it is a given that it will work. Leitner-Poma is now standardizing on TOSIBOX® as the connection solution for securing its global network and has been able to maintain over 99% uptime. Instead of spending time on IT, they can now simply fix issues and get the customer’s lift back to making money, which even makes for happier customers.


”The way we used to do it was just painful. Then we went to Tosibox. You plug in the Key, click, click, and BANG. You are connected.”

AJ Egli, IT Network Admin, Leitner-Poma of America




  • Saves time and money for both Leitner-Poma and its customers
  • Easy configuration-free Plug & Go™ implementation without special IT skills
  • Internet connection, operator and device agnostic solution that works anywhere in the world
  • Performing at the highest security levels in the industry


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Leitner-Poma of America offers a complete line of cable transport systems, including surface lifts, chairlifts, gondolas, MiniMetro® urban transport, trams, inclined elevators and industrial trams. Experience and flexibility allow the company to design, engineer, manufacture and maintain transportation systems which are precisely adapted to the customers’ changing needs; including electrical and mechanical upgrades, technical support, gearbox inspections and repairs, and installation for systems throughout North America.