Manufacturer of gas compression equipment and supplier of CNG fueling systems improves remote support with TOSIBOX®

ANGI Energy Systems is a U.S.-based manufacturer of engineered gas compression equipment and a leading supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling equipment and systems.


ANGI provides a specialized team of sales, project management, engineering and field support experts to its customers to provide a customized solution. That ongoing support and service often requires ANGI’s team to have quick and easy access to their customers’ systems to troubleshoot and address any issues.

Because many of ANGI’s customers have multiple refueling stations or are located in isolated areas, the company was challenged with finding a technology solution that could reliably provide remote access to its customers’ systems, was easy to set up and could efficiently support multiple data streams. ANGI also needed its technology to collect data from its equipment throughout the refueling process to monitor for equipment reliability and provide continuous improvement.


TOSIBOX® Lock 200 and TOSIBOX® Key provided the right solution to ANGI’s field service equipment challenge. The technology, integral to the company’s communications panel and included in all new equipment installations, allows ANGI to remotely address any problems or issues, saving both time and money. It also continuously collects data from the equipment throughout the refueling process to maintain operational efficiency.

By the same token, the USB Key allows ANGI’s customers to easily access their systems for live data monitoring. Because many of ANGI’s customers do not have full IT support departments, the TOSIBOX® Key allows them to simply plug into the USB port and establish a connection without extensive network knowledge or IT assistance. In fact, ANGI reports the set up can be done in as little as five minutes.

Additionally, ANGI has implemented the TOSIBOX® Central Lock at its Wisconsin headquarters to centralize connections from multiple locations and has realized improved scalability. The technology has helped the company realize higher performance than with its previous technology solution.

After seeing the success of implementing TOSIBOX® technology in its new installations, ANGI is now planning to retrofit the TOSIBOX® Lock into its existing customers’ refueling systems.


”We recently implemented the TOSIBOX® Central Lock in its headquarters and can now provide customers with service and support remotely. The technology is easy to use and has helped our operations run more efficiently”
Dave Carl, IT infrastructure manager, ANGI Energy Systems


  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Scalability to meet customer needs
  • Improved and reliable speed of data transfer
  • Ability to extend connectivity to end users or contractors or control from a central location
  • Excellent ongoing support from Tosibox
  • Continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance


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