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TOSIBOX® solution improves security and lowers costs at building automation

Sivakka, the company responsible for rental accommodation in Oulu, Finland, has expanded over the last 20 years to become a group of businesses that leads its market in Oulu and is a respected pioneer on a national scale. Sivakka now owns more than 8,000 rental homes around Oulu. The company has its own customer service, property management, construction and administrative functions.


Due to the costs of business internet connections, Sivakka was looking for a better-value solution for the connections required for building automation while improving the information security of its connections.

Sivakka is also continuously building new properties. The problem was that buildings could only be connected to the centralized control system when the telecoms operator had connected the buildings to the internet. In the worst cases, this could take weeks. New properties require a large amount of fine-tuning in the early stages, so it was often necessary for technicians to visit the site to adjust things such as heating


Sivakka decided to deploy the Tosibox solution for securing connections. Sivakka installed the TOSIBOX® Central Lock in its data center and TOSIBOX® Locks in all of its properties. Thanks to Tosibox’s high grade information security, it was possible to switch from the expensive business connections that were previously used to better-value, basic internet connections.

The new solution also enables Sivakka to connect its sites to the control system immediately, as Tosibox can function over fixed and mobile networks. In everyday terms, this means that Sivakka’s customers receive better service and a more pleasant living environment when the adjustments required by building automation can be made quickly using a remote connection without any technicians visiting the site. Additionally, monitoring of abnormal situations can begin as soon as the building is complete.

Sivakka has been highly satisfied with the progress on the project. Reliability and steady progress on the project have ensured that Sivakka and its customers have been satisfied. “The project has gone extremely well: right from the initial specification phase, everything has been carried out in one go. We set out to improve information security and reduce costs, and we were also able to improve comfort for residents. Tosibox’s support functions are also worthy of praise. We have worked with them to generate ideas about the type of network that we are building. And whenever we have needed support, they have provided good answers and ideas. We have already made plans for the next phase,” says Toni Moilanen, IT expert from Sivakka.



” The project has gone extremely well: right from the initial specification phase, everything has been carried
out in one go. We set out to improve information security and reduce costs, and we were also able to improve
comfort for residents.”

Toni Moilanen, IT expert, Sivakka




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