Supplier of laser and sheet metal fabrication machines revamps their services with TOSIBOX®

Prima Power is a leading global provider of laser and sheet metal machinery and systems. The company’s product range is one of the widest in the sector, and it serves customers in more than 70 countries.


It is vital for Prima Power’s customers to maintain high capacity utilization rates. This is also a competitive asset for Prima Power. A reliable and secure remote access to customer machinery is essential for ensuring fast deployment and maintenance. Before adopting the TOSIBOX® solution, Prima Power would set up remote access using standard routers. These require a time-consuming step-by-step IP network and firewall configuration upon deployment, and often the customer’s IT specialist was also required on site. As Prima Power went global and the number of units operating in different countries grew, it became increasingly challenging to manage the access rights and geographic restrictions of an expanding group of users.


Prima Power switched to the TOSIBOX® solution because of the security and rapid deployment it offered. Prima Power serializes the TOSIBOX® Locks and Keys at the factory, and the lock accompanies the machine to the installation site. This way remote access can be established in seconds once the lock is connected to the customer’s network or to the internet using a 3G modem carried by Prima Power technicians.

The secure remote access established to the customer’s machine via the TOSIBOX® solution enables precise and comprehensive data collection and utilization. This way customers get impressively fast and comprehensive assistance and expert services worldwide, and uninterrupted production and an optimal maintenance of machinery can be guaranteed.

Prima Power has also adopted the TOSIBOX® Mobile Client. It allows Prima Power to offer customers a secure mobile access to their own data network as an additional service. They can use it to access their own machinery remotely.


“TOSIBOX® enables globally operating companies to set up secure remote access and effectively manage access rights.”

Esko Petäjä, Prima Power


  • Easy-to-install remote access
  • Quick deployment
  • Global access management for companies
  • High standard of data security


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