System integrator prevents costly EPA violations by using TOSIBOX® remote access

VAFCON’s goal is to provide connections between electronic circuits, systems, and the clients that depend on them for safety and success.


VAFCON’s client is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate the discharge of wastewater from their facility. VAFCON’s challenge was to provide the client with timely notifications of system status and alarms while keeping the system fully operational in a secure and cyber-safe fashion.

Previously, the client required that operators and managers checked on the waste water system in person by physically being at the control panel. Major alarms were signaled by an audible/visual alarm that, in some cases, was not be noticed if personnel were across the plant or were muffled by the countless other alarms from equipment on the production floor. This proved to be an ineffective approach to monitoring this important system. If there was an issue to be solved, phone support or costly and time-consuming site visits were the only option to solve technical issues.


Integration of TOSIBOX® equipment to the waste water control systems allowed VAFCON to provide their client with a secure remote access to all locations, and provide a monitoring service which allows the customer to answer all alarm events in a timely manner even while off site and also provides the ability to adjust the system preventively and mitigate downtime events before they happen. TOSIBOX® Lock 200 was installed at the treatment control system and Key used at remote locations.

Implementation of the TOSIBOX® technology instantly provided the operators and managers with real time system data. Additionally, company supervisors are now able to observe the system from anywhere, on any device, and monitor response time. Soon after the TOSIBOX® upgrade, a supervisor noticed that a chemical storage tank was low and no order had been submitted for its refill. A quick phone call and the refill was scheduled, avoiding expensive plant downtime. On another occasion, a supervisor was monitoring the system on his phone and noticed that the pH level was approaching a high level. A quick phone call to plant personnel was made and the pH level was corrected prior to any expensive plant downtime.

Implementation of the TOSIBOX® technology has provided VAFCON with secure access to their client’s systems to aid in troubleshooting, adding upgrades, and making improvements.

TOSIBOX® technology allows VAFCON to empower their customers with secure connectivity to their equipment and data, without changes or additions to customer’s existing IT structure. This flexible and secure solution was not possible before TOSIBOX®.

To date no EPA violations have occurred at the facility since the inception of TOSIBOX® remote access technology.


”Since 2001, VAFCON has provided design, repair, and improvement services for electrical and electronic control systems of all sizes. The amazing TOSIBOX® technology has opened new doors and provided solutions that enable continuous and secure connections to these systems for us and our clients.”

Vincent Fijal, President & CEO, VAFCON, INC.


  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Improved service quality with lower costs
  • Does not require changes to customer’s existing IT solutions


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