TOSIBOX® enabled a next-generation remote monitoring system for communal water supply management

The water treatment technology company Lining implemented a next-generation remote monitoring system and virtual control room with TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock.


Lining’s customers are municipalities and cities whose water supply and waste water solutions use the company’s products and services. Water supply and sewerage services are part of the critical infrastructure, and their maintenance requires secure and reliable remote connections. Water supply specialists are not IT experts, so creating remote connections and managing access rights has to be easy.

Remote connections between Lining and customer control rooms used to be built on the company’s own APN network or by opening a separate connection to the customer’s systems. Both procedures were slow and contained security risks. Lining wanted to find a solution that was technically more up to date and secure and would meet both the customer’s and the company’s requirements. For example, access rights management was challenging using the old connections, as the IT support team was required to open connections and manage access rights. In addition, the old connections  did not support mobile work and the variety of devices in the best way.


The TOSIBOX® Lock was installed in Lining customers’ control rooms so that the monitored water supply systems can be accessed with the TOSIBOX® Keys. The actual keys are connected to the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock (VCL), which now manages all the access rights centrally. The VCL also allows connections between different systems. It is more common for municipalities to collaborate on the water supply and sewerage services, which means that information can easily be transferred from one system to another.

In practical terms, Lining has created a next-generation AqvaRex 2.0 remote monitoring system for water supply management with Tosibox. Lining has implemented a cloud-based virtual control room using the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock, which reliably serves customers at all times. The solution also offers excellent support for mobile work. Lining’s customers, service personnel and subcontractors can easily check system fault information using the TOSIBOX® Mobile Client application. This way users can access remote support wherever and whenever it is required.


“We are very pleased with Tosibox’s solutions and support. Together we have created a next-generation remote monitoring system, and we can provide customers with a smart and secure solution that can be used remotely. Tight data security also boosts our image and strengthens our customer relationships. The Virtual Central Lock allows us to easily access all customer systems, and we can serve our customers even better than before.”

Ilari Mikkilä,  Automation Designer,  Lining Oy


  1. Security − Lining has risen to the next level in data security
  2. Access rights are easy to manage centrally with the Virtual Central Lock
  3. Remote monitoring − data can be read on different devices
  4. Quick response to customers without IT skills
  5. Scalability − the system can be scaled quickly and cost-effectively


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