TOSIBOX® remote access to machines in fresh-cut food industry

The German company, Kronen GmbH is a globally operating supplier of machines and systems for the catering, delicatessen, fresh-cut and food industries with worldwide representations in more than 60 countries. The products are delivered to more than 100 countries around the world.


Kronen produces special machines which wash, peel, cut, sterilize etc. fresh, ready-to-cook fruit, vegetable and salad mixes and finally pack them. These machines feature highly modern control units and – for flexible set-up for certain work processes or product batches – are capable of parametrization. This requires the operator to have a certain degree of technical education, which by small companies cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, Kronen GmbH wanted to equip their machinery with machine remote access, enabling parametrization of globally installed machines as well as their remote maintenance by the machine manufacturer or another partner, e.g. service provider.
The remote access to machinery needed to meet highest demands with regard to its global availability and operational safety and additionally – in view of high intensity of competition regarding foodstuff – be feasible at low costs.


In close cooperation with the machine manufacturer Kronen GmbH, their machines have been and are enabled for remote access by Schildknecht by applying TOSIBOX®. The product is predominantly applied successfully for Kronen machines, pineapple and melon peeling machine AMS 220, UVC Lock, Multicorer and the latest washing machine GEWA XL.

The TOSIBOX® Lock is integrated into the control cabinet of each machine to establish the secure remote access to the machine. The connection can be set via Ethernet, WLAN or a cellular modem.

Via a TOSIBOX® Key or Mobile Client the secure and easy access to the machine is possible from everywhere. Settings and adjustments in the machine program can be realized anytime. The technology also allows connection establishment by the operator who thereby at the same time gives his consent for communication. Thanks to the intelligent TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ technology connections established this way are particularly safe.

TOSIBOX® is nowadays applied as a standard component in the control units of Kronen machines.


”Applying TOSIBOX® in control units of our machines is mandatory; we are highly impressed by the remarkably easy installation, compact construction and the key encryption principle.”

Eric Lefebvre, Technical Manager and Kai Rohrer, Technology Department, Kronen GmbH


  • Easy installation: Easy set-up of the system enables faster installation and reduces the need for IT knowledge at the installation site or service provider
  • Total cost: The efficient concept makes systems feasible at a low cost and reduces the costs of local maintenance
  • Security: Tested & audited security increases safety for the customers
  • Mobility: Mobile Client enables access to the machine from everywhere


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