TOSIBOX® remote access solution expands at the same time as transportation and warehousing company’s business

Stephen Sanderson Transport opens second logistics and warehousing facility and TOSIBOX® technology scales accordingly.


The transportation and warehousing company Stephen Sanderson Transport buck the trend as expansion continues to exceed all expectations. A second logistics and warehousing facility opened in Corby, Northamptonshire requiring additional TOSIBOX® technology  to work in tandem with those already employed.

The company was already successfully employing TOSIBOX® technology in the form of two TOSIBOX® Locks connecting their main Market Harborough site with a site in Corby in a point-to-point VPN allowing for the connection of high definition CCTV and their IP Office telephone system. With the acquisition of an additional site in Corby and the continued expansion of the other sites, the Locks were becoming oversubscribed and at certain times latency was experienced.


TOSIBOX® Central Lock was installed at the Market Harborough facility and the two additional Locks serialized and installed on the Corby sites to handle increasing High definition CCTV and any additional data throughput; the original Locks were left connected allowing communications between the IP Office telephones from the more established Corby logistics facility to the Market Harborough site. This approach allows for the continued expansion of the IP Office telephone system independent of the expansion of other areas employing the Central Lock. Since the Central Lock is not configured or serialized with the original Locks there is no risk of a network loop or open relay being created.

Stephen Sanderson Transport are aware of security vulnerabilities with certain manufacturers’ CCTV and other equipment, but since no port forwarding is required the network across to all sites is less likely to be exploited from an external attack. This will save the company money in the future as costly firmware updates of the affected equipment can be carried out remotely or not at all.

CSTSG Ltd, the Tosibox partner who installed the Central Lock as well as the new and original Locks looked at the continued expansion of Stephen Sanderson Transport and the understanding of the owners of the company who recognize the security TOSIBOX® remote access technology offers, allowed CSTSG Ltd to design an impregnable point-to-point VPN that as past experience has shown will require no maintenance.

A seamless connection for both IP Office telephones and the need to monitor the high definition CCTV during day to day operations of the company has been invaluable to Stephen Sanderson Transport. Managers can now communicate and watch lorry and personnel movements in the remote sites. This additional efficiency has aided in the speedy response times to customer queries.


“Embracing TOSIBOX® technology allows Stephen Sanderson Transport Ltd to be a leader in a very competitive industry, marrying family values with cutting edge automation, which is why so many of our clients continue to trust us with their reputations.”

Edward Sanderson, Commercial Director, Stephen Sanderson Transport Ltd


  1. Additional expansion available with the increased performance to TOSIBOX® Central Lock
  2. Very secure point-to-point VPN
  3. Unsurpassed reliability
  4. Ease of configuration; Lock serialization doesn’t even require the Lock to be switched on


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