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Oulun Autokuljetus (OAK) is becoming greener and more efficient with the help of TOSIBOX®

Oulun Autokuljetus Oy (OAK) is one of the biggest transportation and earthmoving service providers in Finland.


Transportation company OAK is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. It is working towards this goal by purchasing a new Green Double articulated lorry. The benefit of this vehicle is that it can carry 55 per cent more cargo than traditional articulated lorries. The Finnish transport safety agency, Trafi, granted a special permit for the articulated lorry to be used on the condition that all the journeys it makes are monitored using CCTV. The modern vehicle needed entirely new solutions for monitoring, which is why OAK needed to find a reliable system provider that fits to their vehicles on long journeys.


Tosibox offered OAK a solution that enables vehicles not only real time video monitoring, but also data to be transferred in real time directly to the control center in OAK’s head office. In this way it is ensured that data is stored centrally, and no separate memory cards are needed for the vehicle’s cameras. The system consists of two TOSIBOX® Locks – one in the vehicle and the other in OAK’s control center. A secure connection is established between the locks and used to transfer video in real time to the control center.

The system is common in industrial plants, but it is also highly suitable for moving vehicles. The TOSIBOX® solution can restore a broken mobile connection automatically, which is important for vehicles on long journeys roaming on different networks. One of the key benefits of the TOSIBOX® solution is its independence in terms of internet connections and terminal devices. This enables customers to use the connections and devices that suit them best.

OAK has now been able to begin testing the Green Double articulated lorry thanks to the TOSIBOX® solution. When the system, data flow and information security are in order, customers have the peace of mind to focus on the things that are most important to their own businesses.


” It is extremely important for us that different systems work together automatically and data can be transferred easily to our other control systems. This all happens automatically using Tosibox. ”

OAK, Jussi Kinnunen




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