Tosibox Case: Renewable Energy
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Bioenergy plants controlled remotely via TOSIBOX® remote connection

Volter, a manufacturer of CHP plants was looking for a reliable solution for the remote control, service and monitoring of the plants

Volter has customers in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. The solution would need to be suitable for customers everywhere in the world.

In this case study, we explain how all Volter’s customers now have a remote connection they can use to monitor plant operations.

Download this case study to know:

”The ease of use is definitely Tosibox’s trump card for both us and the customer. Above all, we have been amazed at how smoothly things work in the collaboration. The VPN environment was time-consuming and unfamiliar to many. Ease of use, speed and security are features that surprise our customers time after time. The Mobile Client, in particular, has a definite wow factor as it allows the device to be used remotely with a phone or a tablet.”

Iikka Korva, Automation Engineer, Volter Oy

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