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TOSIBOX® enables faster installation and customer service for water treatment company

Slatek uses TOSIBOX® to create secure connections to client sites for monitoring and maintenance of various equipment


Slatek found an easy remote control solution and cut expenses

Slatek Oy is a Finnish water treatment solution expert. Slatek solutions cover water treatment from purification to sewage treatment. Slatek is also a forerunner in deploying the latest automation technology from the leading suppliers. Expertise in automation enables Slatek to offer the optimum solution for each customer.


Slatek has customers throughout Finland and distances between the customers’ water treatment sites are very long. In the past problem solving or changing the parameters in the automation system required Slatek personnel to travel to the site. Often on a very short notice. In order to reduce urgent trips to the customers’ sites Slatek had already started implementing remote control, but the used solution was found to be complex to install.


Slatek started to install TOSIBOX® Locks and was delighted to discover that installation and setup was considerably smoother. Tosibox solution allows Slatek to set up a secure connection to customer site without fixed IP address and support from IT experts to reconfigure firewalls. Tosibox solution also reduced the monthly costs of the IP connection.

Tosibox secure remote connection allows Slatek to serve its customers faster and more cost effectively. Slatek also provides a TOSIBOX® Key to the customers. Now they too can have an easy and secure remote access to their water treatment site.

TOSIBOX® Lock and Key are easier and faster to take in use compared to the earlier remote control solution we had. Tosibox solution has made our job easier and the customer gets better service.”

Esa Haapasalo, Project Engineer, Slatek Oy



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