Tosibox CEO Jarno Limnéll: Our strategy is a tool for success
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From CEO: Our strategy is a tool for success

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox

Big global trends are opportunities for growth. We have updated our strategy to correspond to these trends. The updated strategy is a basis for our daily work at Tosibox.

From my background as a cyber security expert I know that although seemingly distant or irrelevant for common people, in the context of cyber security threats are a harsh reality. The rate of change is breathtaking, in both physical and technological operating environments. Modern day threats are hybrids, affecting each other in unforeseen ways. Internal and external security are more and more combined, as is the physical with the digital.

Global trends such as the upcoming explosion of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the amount of data (connectivity) justify the existence of Tosibox – the creator of secure and simplified IoT connectivity solutions. The accelerating development of ubiquitous technology and demand for security from the point of view of trust, easiness and high quality become opportunities.

Strategy for growth

Tosibox has developed an innovative solution that simplifies connectivity in this day of cultural change, complexity and instability. TOSIBOX® is made from human to human, to overcome the threats and make life and business easier.

I am very excited to have entered this Tosibox world. During my first month as CEO I have gotten to know the company, the team, our customers and partners, the technology and the trends and opportunities. I see great potential and believe in this company. Tosibox is already a success story, and I want to drive it toward even greater international growth.

We have just finalized our updated strategy for 2018-2021. It will help to clarify our intentions, objectives and priorities on our way to success. It will be the foundation of our daily work, a justification for everything that we do and won’t do. We need to keep focused in order to reach our very ambitious mission: To change the world by simplifying secure digital connections.

As Tosibox 2.0, the next-generation version of the company, we will be expanding our software product development that adds business value for our customers. Our vision is to be a globally operating, vigorously growing and profitable company being the primary choice for easy and secure connections.

From people to people

To reach our vision, one of our most essential success factors are people. Personnel is without a doubt our most valuable asset.

We don’t want to be just a great place to work – we want to be a superb place to work and an attractive employer for top talents in the industry. We need top talents to make the growth happen – together. We offer you possibilities to influence and develop on all organizational levels.

We will be looking for new talents who share our values: who care, simplify, trust in high quality and integrity, and who are brave. If you would like to work for a company that is aiming at ambitious growth in global software business, please see our open positions!

“Our vision is to be a globally operating, vigorously growing and profitable company being the primary choice for easy and secure connections.”

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox