From CEO: The year of making things happen and changing the world
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From CEO: The year of making things happen and changing the world

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox Oy

Tosibox will continue on a strong growth path in 2019. This is the year for making things happen, and we have a lot of exciting things in the making. Our newly crafted and ambitious strategy will guide us in our everyday work, giving guidelines for the future. Tosibox will shift focus from hardware to software-based products, and this will spearhead us to accelerated global growth.

I am delighted about how well Tosibox is being received among our customers. The growth of the Internet of Everything (IoE) continues to increase demand for secure connectivity solutions. Tosibox is responding to this growing demand by offering the perfect solution and answers both through our current spectrum of solutions and continuous R&D work. The interest toward Tosibox is all the time increasing in the media, among customers and other stakeholders.

Our budget for 2019 will grow even more strongly, and even more than what some might consider realistic perhaps. Nevertheless, vigorous growth necessitates good preconditions. In order to grow, we must dare to challenge ourselves. We need to be brave and resolute to achieve our objectives. Being brave is one of the values defined in our strategy.

Fearless leap into software business

During the fall we have continued to make more specific plans about the bold move into software business as defined in our strategy. Shifting focus toward software will become visible in our solutions but even in the way we approach sales and marketing. Software business will be a big theme for us in 2019, and we are approaching it with carefully planned steps.

We aim to employ many new talents to reinforce our R&D department. We are looking for result-driven talents with a can-do attitude and fresh ideas – people who want to challenge themselves and create amazing products and solutions.

Tosibox family grows on all fronts

It is important to remember that people are our most important asset. Therefore, we have already welcomed to the Tosibox family an HR Business Partner dedicated to looking after our people and contributing to our growth. We want to be a desired employer for top people, who enjoy working at Tosibox.

We will soon welcome some more persons to join the Tosibox family in key roles. In 2019 Tosibox will expand in all areas. We want to ensure global visibility for the Tosibox brand by investing in high-quality marketing. We will strengthen our international sales organization to further accelerate sales.

As the team grows, it is no surprise that we need more room as well. Next month our office in Southern Finland will move to bigger, modern facilities in Leppävaara in Espoo. We are making things happen.

Changing the world

Last fall we defined our mission in our strategy. We want to change the world by simplifying secure digital connections. Our mission justifies our existence, and we very strongly believe in this mission. Our success is the sum of valuing people and having a winning brand, effective sales, disruptive technology and first-class products.

In the coming years we are looking for even more vigorous growth. For that, the theme applies: Making things happen.

Tosibox is in excellent drive toward bigger growth and success. We are on the lookout for top talents continuously. If you are interested in jumping in – and changing the world – then please do not hesitate to see our current openings or send us an open application.

“Software business will be a big theme for us in 2019, and we are approaching it with carefully planned steps.”

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox Oy