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The cloud is not bad – build your own

Teijo Mustonen, R&D Manager, Tosibox Oy

It’s hard, if not impossible, to try to get by without the cloud. Last year it was used by 85 percent of organizations in Finland. The international Rightscale estimates that this year, already 96 percent of all companies will use it.

Cloud solutions have made life much easier, but on the other hand, the feeling of insecurity increases when your data is at some indeterminate place and not in your own hands. What if you would like to erase your data? Is it erased after all?

For consumers, the cloud often means Apple iCloud, Dropbox, or even the adored playlists on Spotify. In the corporate world, the situation is different.

When the cloud is set up, it is especially important in the business world to first think about what to expect from the service.

Does the service need to work around the clock, every day of the year? Do you have to be able to use the service from anywhere? How is the data verified, and can outsiders gain access to organizational data? What about error situations, where to get help and how quickly? What is the acceptable downtime, that is, the time the services can be disabled without the disadvantage being significant?

When the cloud service works, it’s extremely beneficial. For example: it’s always available, supervised with support staff available, updates taken care of automatically, and it’s quite effortless to add and remove users. The cloud can be utilized in companies of all sizes and for a wide variety of needs, starting from individual solutions and extending even to large-scale outsourcing.

However, there are no risk-free clouds. For starters, it should be kept in mind that if the network does not work then neither does the cloud service. The data is “somewhere else”, and sometimes even the companies who provide these services quit. Where is the enterprise data placed then?

Companies are in particular concerned with security risks and sustainability management: According to a survey conducted by Spiceworks this spring, up to 97 percent are concerned about cloud security, and almost one in five have had security challenges over the past year. One quarter of organizations do not trust the cloud at all.

You could think that it’s not really the cloud’s fault, but the one’s who has implemented it badly. The cloud brings so many benefits that it would be a shame to throw the baby out with the bathwater only because the service was not implemented with sufficient safety.

According to Rightscale, only a fifth of companies use only public cloud services. Only a measly four percent use only a private cloud. 71 percent resort to hybrid solutions.

Without downplaying the public clouds and their benefits: there is however data that you would absolutely not like to see end up in a public cloud. An insecure connection will make the service an attack vector for all objects attached to the cloud. Therefore, protecting the connection is paramount.

Does this sound alarming, or feel challenging? Concerns are understandable and even a good thing, but it’s not hard to protect yourself. We have wanted to make security as easy as possible, while simplicity is security.

Tosibox was born from the idea that establishing secure remote access shouldn’t have to be rocket science or even that expensive, so we have thought these things through for you. Configuring the TOSIBOX® solution is fast, and you can hook up your machines to the WiFi immediately. With our solution you can easily turn a cloud service into your private cloud. The first-class cyber security enables secure transfer of business critical information to the cloud service. TOSIBOX® is also unlimitedly scalable, which guarantees a cost-efficient solution that expands according to your needs and at the same time as your business.

We have experience from more than 80,000 units delivered in more than 120 countries. We’re happy to help, if you got interested.

Teijo Mustonen

“When the cloud service works, it’s extremely beneficial.”

Teijo Mustonen, R&D Manager, Tosibox Oy