Tosibox CSO: The zeal of a growing company is contagious
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CSO Markku Pitkänen: The zeal of a growing company is contagious

Earlier this spring Tosibox strengthened its sales organization by appointing Markku Pitkänen as the new Chief Sales Officer and a member of the Group Executive Management Team. Markku has taken over the leadership of Tosibox’s sales organization and cooperates closely with the company’s various operations and the global partner network. Behind him, Markku has a long career in executive sales management positions, but what lies ahead?

Markku, you have now been a member of the Tosibox family for a couple of months. How has it been?

Thanks, it’s been great! Tosibox is a growing company with some very contagious zeal. There’s plenty to be done and I get to be involved in key matters. It’s been great to enter a company whose customers keep innovating the solutions further. Sales is a rewarding place to be when we have such an incredibly good technology that cannot be compared. Tosibox is the Uber or Airbnb of its field – the disruption of technology has brought on something unique, a completely new way of building secure digital connections and ecosystems.

I have made my career so far always working with technology and driving Finnish companies to go global. Sales is a topic very close to my heart and something I feel I’m best at. These first months at Tosibox have been filled with a lot of new information about the technology, the team and customers, but my colleagues and partners have patiently answered all my questions. Overall, the welcome has been great.

Have you met any of Tosibox’s partners yet? Why would a distributor choose Tosibox?

I’ve already met many of our European partners. What we get constantly praised for is that, in addition to the technology, our marketing material is good and of high quality. Collaboration with partners has been straightforward, and the next step is to develop more structured and goal-oriented collaboration and thus help partners build more business and improve productivity. Partners’ interest in Tosibox is only growing and cooperation is going to expand with new launches.

Our resellers choose Tosibox for a few reasons. The first is the opportunity to improve your daily productivity: by providing the TOSIBOX® solution, our partners will gain more profit from their existing customer base. In addition, the partners will have a more competitive offering that will enable them to win more of the market from their competitors. Finally, this technology enables our partners to take a digital leap and the role of a thought leader in their own domain. By offering the TOSIBOX® solution, our resellers can make themselves a much more interesting partner for their customers.

Sales in our partner network increase by 48% per year – if you’re interested, contact us and let’s see how we can help you improve your business!

TOSIBOX® technology is already used in more than 120 countries. Why do customers choose TOSIBOX®?

TOSIBOX® enables secure digital connections, location independent operations, real-time data collection and centralized network management – with ease. And on top of everything else, it’s a centrally maintained global solution that is completely unique and scales from small businesses all the way to international enterprises. Customers today choose user-friendly and good solutions, and TOSIBOX® is both. The solution is easy to use and quick to deploy, and it can be expanded as needed. The TOSIBOX® solution also brings cost savings to the customer.

If I can demonstrate for you the benefits of TOSIBOX® technology in practice in 30 minutes including a business case, would you be willing to take just 30 seconds to get in touch?

There’s a growing demand for the unique TOSIBOX® solution and the products keep winning awards around the world. How can you make sure the growth continues and accelerates?

Tosibox aims for big growth. Our sales organization has grown this spring in Europe in Germany and France, and there’s a lot going on in APAC now too. Through continuous conversation with our customers, we strive to ensure that our products and services remain competitive in the future. It is important to keep the bar high enough and invest in developing our staff’s competencies. I think the numbers speak for themselves already, and we are only at the beginning of our global journey.

Finally, let’s gaze into the summer ahead. Do you have any plans for the short but sweet Finnish summer?

This summer will be filled with work, but definitely with golf and motorcycling too. I will also be enjoying the summer on family vacations. Have a great summer everyone!

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Markku Pitkänen

“Customers today choose user-friendly and good solutions, and TOSIBOX® is both.”

Markku Pitkänen, CSO, Tosibox Oy