Data collection – Collect data and own your data

Data collection by organizations is said to grow by 200% in the coming few years (TDWI). All companies crave data from their connected devices that will help them develop their operations. Data monetization strategies will evolve around exploring the true value of data to tap into a wide range of benefits such as opening up new revenue streams.


Benefits of data collection

Here are some benefits of data collection:

  • Remote maintenance activities can be performed based on the acquired data, saving time and money previously spent on traveling on-site. This even helps achieve enhanced customer experience and a boost in efficiency.
  • Predictive maintenance: By analyzing historical data companies can predict when maintenance is needed or to determine when physical assets need repairs.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to dissect large amounts of data to optimize products and processes.




Data collection for business

In many companies, the ideas of collecting data and the ownership of data are brand new, circling in the minds of hardware manufacturers, customers who use the devices, and systems integrators. Nonetheless, hardware manufacturers are preparing themselves for the inevitable, giant digital leap into data acquisition. Currently this is seen at different phases:

  1. There are those so-called stand-alone devices that are not at all network connected.
  2. Then, there are hardware manufacturers whose devices are already online, but the possibilities of technology are not exploited.
  3. Finally, there are the hardware manufacturers whose devices are online, and they generate data which is collected using sensors.

Which stage are you at? To keep abreast of the change, companies must consider how they can get connected for data collection, and more importantly, how they can secure their data in the future.



Importance of data ownership

Data truly is the oil of the 21st century, which is why the question of who owns the data becomes all the time more important. Here are some important things to consider.

    • Who owns your data?
    • What happens if your data is misplaced in the wrong hands?
    • Who decides where your data is or is transferred to? To the end-customer’s own on-premise SQL database, machine builder’s cloud or the integrator’s cloud?
    • Who controls access to the data?



Secure connectivity for real-time data collection

As the number of devices is exponentially growing, so are their vulnerabilities. Thanks to TOSIBOX®, you can be sure that your network and data will remain encrypted and secure.

  • TOSIBOX® is globally audited, patented and performs at the highest security levels in the industry.
  • It’s a direct VPN tunnel between your devices. Only trusted devices can access the network.
  • The data between devices always runs along its own private highway without being decrypted in the middle or being stored on any third-party server.
  • Users are verified by two factor authentication and access rights are available for the ecosystem management to allow for all relevant personal to seamlessly connect to their applications within the operational environment.




Secure data collection with TOSIBOX®

These days every company is a digital company. Data has become currency for many companies, who base their business on information gathered from users and customers. But unlike most companies, Tosibox is not interested in accessing your data. We create trust not only in the way we conduct business, but also in the technology to provide secure VPN connectivity, offering a private highway for your data to travel through.

Tosibox also offers easy network management that ensures the granting of appropriate access rights to various user groups and limiting the ability to network access. You can be sure your network and data will remain encrypted and safe with TOSIBOX®.

Whether your need is remote access or building global operational networks, we are your number one choice trusted even by Fortune 500 companies. The solution is scalable to companies of all sizes, enabling the growth of your company while securing your data every step of the way.