Tosibox blog: Digitalization offers safer systems for water treatment
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Digitalization offers safer and more efficient systems for water treatment

Roger Vestin, Head of Sales, Tosibox Scandinavia AB

The IoT market is taking off at rocket speed with more and more connected units. This is no less true within the field of water treatment.

With a new modern water and wastewater cleaning system, it is possible to make operation and maintenance more efficient. This can be achieved by continually monitoring and supervising the control and regulator systems. The water and sewer system functions better, maintenance can be planned and prepared, the system’s accessibility can be increased, and staff can be used more efficiently.

All of this helps to contribute to increased customer satisfaction and a cost-efficient system that is also more environmentally friendly thanks to the latest technology.

IoT creates new possibilities

Continual gathering of data and information from a modern water and wastewater system forms the basis of efficient and successful operation. What it takes to reach these goals is an open, flexible and safe solution for the remote connection of pumping stations and treatment plants.

Successful digitalization of the entire organization from central control to service and maintenance staff through a safe connection to stations and treatment plants, results in more efficient maintenance and a shorter lead time when troubleshooting.

Demand for security architecture

The Internet of Things presents major security challenges that need to be taken seriously. Within the field of industrial water treatment, data security is a must in order to prevent major and minor environmental catastrophes.

Tosibox’s unique solution for remote connections allows for all current and future desires for a flexible and secure water and sewer system. The TOSIBOX® solution offers a secure point-to-point VPN connection between central, station and field technicians. The solution is scalable and flexible and allows you to build an entire IT infrastructure.

Award-winning security

Tosibox offers the world’s first user-friendly VPN solution for generating secure point-to-point connections. The solution is uniquely simple to set up, it increases security in existing networks and is infinitely scalable in terms of the number of devices and remote connections.

TOSIBOX® is used successfully in more than 120 countries. Read more about our experiences within the field of water and wastewater, and how we can secure and simplify your day-to-day operation.