Disruptive technology accelerates IoT implementation
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Disruptive technology accelerates IoT implementation

Anu Rosberg, CMO, Tosibox

The basic problem with IoT connectivity has been the lack of standards and, as a result, the countless different ways of establishing internet connections and ensuring data security. Tosibox has entered the arena with a game-changing, disruptive technology: a device-based end-to-end VPN solution.

The need for reliable internet connections is greater than ever, with estimates of billions of devices being connected already today. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to explode the number of connected objects to 40–80 billion by the year 2020 (Gartner). Moreover, the global IoT market is said to expand to $457 billion by that same year (IDC). Thus also the demand for ubiquitous connectivity is bound to continue to grow at an unforeseen pace in the coming years.

IoT comprises of networks of sensors and actuators for data collection, monitoring, decision making, and process optimization. IoT is based on technologies that are spread on all markets and challenge the status quo, and it is one of the technologies that will drive massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years. (McKinsey Global Institute report)

Easy-to-use, disruptive technology

“Time is money” is an old saying, but today time is even more money. When a few years ago it was acceptable to wait for an answer for a few days, digitalisation has changed the way we measure time and we expect an immediate answer. Why would you not want that from your network as well?

In today’s world the idea of having to travel on-site for maintenance is an unbearable thought, just as the thought of having to spend days or hours on the configuration of connections is no longer acceptable.

The disruptive TOSIBOX® technology replaces the currently available cloud-based connection methods and the site and supplier-specific tailored remote connections with a Plug & Go™, easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective solution that can be deployed by anyone in a few minutes, also without extensive IT skills.

Simplicity is security

Simplicity is also good for security. In addition to making our products secure, we have put a lot of effort into making them easy to use. With fewer things for users to remember and worry about, TOSIBOX® products are practically impossible to misconfigure.

The technology is in all ways agnostic, and the set-up is standardized and configuration-free. This simplicity minimizes the amount of manual work, thereby also reducing the likelihood of human errors.

IoT in focus

The Internet of Things is a global trend that we at Tosibox see as an opportunity. In our new strategy we even list disruptive technology as one of our strengths.

If you want to learn more about IoT connectivity and what the secure TOSIBOX® technology enables, download the Tosibox white paper.

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“The need for reliable connections is greater than ever, with estimates of billions of devices being connected already today.”

Anu Rosberg, CMO, Tosibox