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Are your decisions based on real-time data? Can you afford to ignore OT networking?

Continuous improvement of operational efficiency is the key to success in accelerating competition. It’s the topic today, as well as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Organizations are working to leverage data and connectivity to support their business and improve operational decisions. With standardized, scalable, and secure OT Network solution this can be done smarter, faster, and in a cost-effective manner.

To succeed in intensifying competition, company management focuses in four important topics every day. First, how to increase operation efficiency. Second, how to gain market share. Third, how to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. And finally, how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. To achieve these goals, operational decisions must rest on real-time and accessible data.

Nowadays the operating environments are complex, and the business environments are changing in exponential manner, right? It’s not easy to get all the needed information about the process in such an ever-changing environment. Still, who wouldn’t want more accurate data to be able to make smart business decisions leading to better performance?

Data is just data, what you do with that data matters. An insight without action is just an opinion.

Companies are running increasingly complex operating entities and networks

In companies’ masses of different property like devices, machinery, sensors, IT-systems etc. are used in the operations. Typically, there are subsystems from different vendors and eras connected to the same operating system. In addition to this, the entity includes different operating (OT) and IT systems that are often quite far from compatible. So, the operation functions are complex and OT networks are not standardized in the same way as for example Office networks. It’s no wonder that operating this kind of entities can be somewhat challenging.

Today, loads of data is collected from operations, and the amount is growing at an accelerating pace. Unfortunately, the data tends to be located here and there. Another problem is that often the data is in unprocessed form and doesn’t increase the holistic approach. The fact, that company may have sites in several locations, in different countries or even on different continents doesn’t make the case easier.

Operating all of this in an efficient and competitive way is challenging. To get the most out of the process, legacy and new technology must be optimized to work seamlessly together. Improving the productivity of the overall process as well as increasing the operational efficiency is mandatory. Everyone understands that when you get better information, you can make smarter decisions. Therefore, there should be a way to get accurate, processed and real-time data. And it should be available regardless of time and place.

Who wouldn’t want to make decisions based on real data from OT networks?

Today companies have large number of operating systems that often are part of multiple processes maybe even in several locations. Unfortunately, collecting and processing data often seems to be slow, difficult, and expensive. This is the case regardless of how big the business is or how simple or complicated the industry is. Although operation data is essential for any business, building and running secure OT networks is usually not part of companies’ core expertise. And it shouldn’t need to be. Companies aren’t developing their own Office systems either, right? Why would they develop their OT networks then?

Traditional IT technology can be used to build a company-specific OT network to control business operations. However, these require large IT projects that last long and cost a lot. In worst cases, the customer’s needs change during the project, so the outcome may no longer meet the needs. It’s also worth noting that special expertise is needed for maintaining customized systems leading to high OPEX.

OT systems are part of companies’ digital business processes and platforms, so it’s not a tempting idea to completely replace existing systems. Even partial replacement would lead to high CAPEX. In addition, replacement project would inevitably affect operational activities.

No one has time for all this – it just takes too and cost way too much.

Standardized OT networks are reality today

Fortunately, there is a better option. Today, the OT network can be built quickly with standard solutions just like the Office networks. Or even better, the OT network and its operations can be bought as a service.

With a standard solution the OT network can be built quickly and safely. The network can be optimized on a process-by-process basis and scaled as needed. This can be done regardless of who is the manufacturer of equipment used in the process, where the data needs to be transferred, or who runs the entity. And our TOSIBOX® OT networking solution is just that.

While using standard solution, the company management can use all the time and energy to focus on real business. Integrating a modern OT Network solution into existing infrastructure reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, operational efficiency and productivity is increasing.

Start reaping the benefits of TOSIBOX® OT networking today

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An insight without action is just an opinion!



“Integrating a modern OT Network solution into existing infrastructure reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, operational efficiency and productivity is increasing.”