Ekinex integrates TOSIBOX® technology into its IoT solution
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Ekinex integrates TOSIBOX® technology into its IoT solution

Tosibox has created the secure and user-friendly TOSIBOX® remote access technology that has now been integrated into Ekinex’s SMART-U PLC product; a remote control and monitoring unit that integrates in one device the features of an I/O PLC, Web HMI HTML5 and teleservice.

The SMART-U integrates the TOSIBOX® technology to enable a fast and secure remote connection. Thanks to the patented TOSIBOX® system, users can connect to SMART-U via a direct VPN tunnel without having to pass data from a cloud server. Additionally, the SMART-U can be added to a set of previously configured TOSIBOX® devices, enabling an expansion of the machine network without requiring structural changes.

“We are very pleased to have the award-winning TOSIBOX® technology on board our product. The high level of security brings added value to our solution”, says Francesco De Antoni, Product Development at Ekinex.

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