Tosibox in media: Elektroniikkalehti & Remote Magazine
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Elektroniikkalehti & Remote Magazine

Volter Oy, a manufacturer of CHP plants, was looking for a reliable solution for the remote control, service and monitoring of the plants. They adopted TOSIBOX® solution and now have a TOSIBOX® connection in every plant to run the equipment; the solution also includes updates, adjustments and maintenance work. 

The Finnish magazine Elektroniikkalehti has published an article describing how Volter’s customers monitor and run their plants remotely through the device-independent TOSIBOX® Mobile Client. “Monitoring plants via mobile devices is definitely a contemporary phenomenon”, Tosibox CEO Tero Lepistö says in the article.

The article titled “Tosibox valvoo sähköntuotantoa” (Tosibox monitors electricity generation) appeared on June 15, 2017 on the magazine’s website.

Also Remote Site & Equipment Management, a magazine edited for managers of remotely operated sites, facilities and equipment, has published an article about Volter with title “Tosibox enables remote control of renewable energy production” and it can be read online.

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