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Elektroniikkalehti & Uusi Teknologia

Two Finnish technology magazines, Elektroniikkalehti and Uusi Teknologia, have published articles on Tosibox. Both magazines wrote on the successful second round of funding. Led by the Finnish investment service company Kansalaisrahoitus, Tosibox raised a total of EUR 2.31 million. The investments are used to accelerate international growth, for product development and international marketing.

Elektroniikkalehti (in Finnish)
Uusi Teknologia (in Finnish)

Additionally, Elektroniikkalehti covered Tosibox winning the national Security Company of the Year award. The Turvallisuus ja Riskienhallinta magazine annual award was presented at the Finnish Security Awards black tie award gala on October 13.

Elektroniikkalehti (in Finnish)