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Elektroniikkalehti and

Helvar, an electrical technology company, uses TOSIBOX® technology to protect the monitoring, remote management and servicing of its lighting systems. The secure remote connection not only ensures lighting at the company’s new sites but also makes them easier to monitor and service. TOSIBOX® has enabled Helvar to offer a completely new type of maintenance service.

”At our largest site, we have 552 routers and over 90,000 light fittings, and now we can safely adjust each fitting and group of fittings”, says Helvar’s Sales Director Jukka Riikkula. published the story with a title ”Helvar suojasi oululaistekniikalla valaistusjärjestelmänsä” (Helvar secured its lighting systems with Oulu based technology). You can read the whole story from

Elektroniikkalehti titled a piece of news with ”Suomalainen valaistusjärjestelmä suomalaiseen etävalvontaan” (Finnish lighting system controlled with Finnish remote connection). The story is found from