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Etheridge Automation improves remote support and IoT with TOSIBOX®

Etheridge Automation is a US-based manufacturer of Aggregate Automation systems and Software Scales™ for conveyor belts for customers in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Because Etheridge Automation’s average customer is located hundreds, if not thousands of miles from their home office, secure data connections are a business essential for remote troubleshooting and modification to customer’s systems, tracking and visualizing data, and providing real-time alarms and dashboards of operational systems.

Upon finding Tosibox, Etheridge immediately deployed TOSIBOX® technology to a handful of customers and found TOSIBOX® to be a much more reliable networking option, while being more secure and easier to use. Their customers have had a much easier time supplying Internet to the TOSIBOX® Lock 200 rather than being responsible for a reliable and secure VPN.

“TOSIBOX® allows us to perform a lot of services remotely that previously had to be done on-site. This has allowed us to maximize our manpower while providing better, faster, and cheaper service to our customers. Now all of our new systems come with a TOSIBOX® priced in,” said Jon Etheridge, VP at Etheridge Automation.

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