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Elektro Automation, Industrieanzeiger, Industrial Communication Journal & i-Magazin

Two German magazines, Elektro Automation 9/2016 BC 6-7 and Industrieanzeiger 23.16 BC 6-7 , published an article how Enerparc AG solved their remote connection problems by replacing their current system with TOSIBOX® solution. The story is headlined as “Sicher gewartet ist halb gewonnen“. The success story has been presented at our page.
Industrial Communication Journal Ausgabe III/2016 presents a story “Cool bleiben!” which describes the case of remote refrigeration systems and how they are now safe from network attacks with TOSIBOX®.
The magazine for the Austrian electrical industry, i-Magazin, presents our case Asokodit with headline “Tosibox für Asokodit“. In this case building management company, Asokodit, outsourced the maintenance of its building automation using the Tosibox remote connection solution.