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FinnBuild Oct. 10-12, 2018 Finland

Let’s meet at FinnBuild! (Suomeksi)

You are most welcome to visit our booth 6f28 at FinnBuild at Messukeskus. Let’s have a cup of excellent coffee served by real barista and discuss how you can secure your building automation connections with Tosibox’s award winning technology.

Secure your building automation connections

With TOSIBOX® you can create a fully secure remote connection within minutes, and without special IT skills. You can build and manage networks and IoT infrastructures with the easily expandable and timeless solution.

We offer centralized real-time management of your devices and access control that help you generate cost savings. With TOSIBOX® adding new devices or users into the network is simply drag and drop, whereas with old- fashioned IT networks completing the same task takes days or weeks.

Security challenges for automation systems

While the importance of the security of traditional IT infrastructure is commonly acknowledged, the protection of automation systems and IoT devices is often neglected. Join the audience to hear the presentation of Jari Tenhunen, R&D Director at Tosibox, at FinnBuild-stage Thursday 11 October at 10.00 – 10.40. The presentation covers typical challenges and threats related to the security of automation systems. It also introduces ways and general principles to anticipate threats.