FICORA: Two-factor authentication saves from a lot of threats
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Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority: Two-factor authentication saves from a lot of threats

Services used on the internet, such as email and VPN, are exposed to cyber security threats. Passwords alone do not protect from all threats, but a two-factor authentication provides much stronger protection. Organizations in particular should protect their reputation, assets and data with two-factor authentication, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) recommends in their latest news post. “In the worst case scenario, VPN based solely on password authentication opens up the company’s most valuable data to outsiders and for modification.”

TOSIBOX® performs at the highest security levels in the industry, creating a direct VPN tunnel between physical devices. The data cannot be accessed with passwords alone, but a physical key is always required. With TOSIBOX® you can always be sure that your network and data will remain encrypted and secure.

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