TOSIBOX® Central Lock

Product Code: TBCL1EU, TBCL1US

TOSIBOX® Central Lock is the hub for your TOSIBOX VPN connections. It enables a wide range of process improvements and new business opportunities. Scalable concurrent VPN connections can easily be created and managed for remote maintenance, continuous data monitoring and data logging purposes.

TOSIBOX® Central Lock offers completely new ways of providing service business. It brings all remote sites to a single point, and centrally manages user and access rights across the entire network in real-time. Scaling from single up to thousands of connections is possible at any time.

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  • With Central Lock and always-on VPN connections you can easily enable applications like data logging, continuous monitoring or remote maintenance
  • Possibility to collect audit log data from connected TOSIBOX® Nodes
  • Monitoring service for VPN connections
  • Easy and scalable access management that is enterprise-ready
  • Supports up to thousands concurrent VPN connections from Keys, Nodes or Mobile Clients

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