Tosibox in media: Forbes
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Tosibox’s hometown Oulu in Finland has become the “Silicon Valley” of 5G innovation. “Finland’s small size is likely to be a positive force for open innovation”, writes Jason Bloomberg, a Forbes contributor. He has written an article about Oulu where even Veikko Ylimartimo, Tosibox CTO and founder is quoted.

The article titled “The Eye Of The 5G Innovation Hurricane Is In The Last Place You’d Expect” was published on June 16, 2017 and is available for reading on Forbes’ website.

Secure remote connections between devices

Mr. Bloomberg has also written a blog post about Tosibox with the title “Tosibox: Reinventing the VPN and Extending it to the IoT”. In the blog post he says “while simplifying the VPN without compromising security is an important benefit in itself, Tosibox’s ability to secure large numbers of IoT endpoints is the real story here”. Read the blog post on Intellyx’s webpage.

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