From CEO: Partners help Tosibox achieve global growth
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From CEO: Power in numbers and growth in business – partners help Tosibox achieve global growth

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox

Tosibox is a leading technology provider with a patented technology and satisfied customers around the world, which brings the company recognition and trust.

The year 2019 is well under way, and I am happy to say that the work we put into expanding our global partner network is business as usual. We are looking into the future together with our partners, who play a significant part in how we will succeed – together.

Earlier this month we met many of our partners at the annual Tosibox Partner Day this time held in Haikko, Finland. It was an excellent opportunity to share information, build relationships and test our tolerance of the extremes (in -120 ˚C / -184 ˚F – we have some very brave partners!).

Being brave is one of our values, but so is simplicity. In various discussions with partners and our customers simplicity comes up quite often. In a complex world, Tosibox has succeeded in creating a simple solution. Complexity is often the worst enemy of security. We can offer high quality and trustworthiness in today’s turbulent circumstances.

Global growth efforts with clear focus

We seek strong growth focusing in the core market areas defined in our strategy: Scandinavia including Finland, Central and Western Europe, and North America. We have built excellent relationships with some great distributors in these areas. Tosibox is a global company with a lot of activities going on around the world, and I am pleased to share as one example the recent news about a new reference from Sweden.

At the same time, we are building a global presence and expanding our horizons into new markets. For instance, in South America we are collaborating with Business Finland to leverage our offering into the market and find new partners. Our activities in Australia are about to increase as well.

Growing to meet our customers’ needs

Tosibox is not only growing in the market but as a company as well. We are growing our global sales organization and want to be present in our core market areas – exactly where our customers’ needs are, too. That is where the biggest growth potential lies.

Our Espoo office in Southern Finland has moved into bigger, modern premises. Recently we appointed Pekka Sillanpää as the new CTO and member of Tosibox Executive Management Team. Pekka’s cyber security expertise and understanding of technology is a great asset for Tosibox.

We have continued to develop our plans for diving deeper into the software business, which will be an essential part of the company’s future. To make this a reality, we are investing heavily in product development and are seeking new talents to reinforce our R&D team. Resources are needed to drive and develop the software business while maintaining a competitive hardware product portfolio.

See you soon – online or face to face

We put a lot of effort into marketing to engage and communicate with our audiences. We are increasing awareness about the Tosibox brand in selected areas in social media and elsewhere. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our news.

Soon you can meet us at trade shows again, too: The Tosibox Tour is stopping next at the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings, ISH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. You’re very welcome to visit us!

“The work we put into expanding our global partner network is business as usual.”

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox