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Glaston seizes IoT opportunity with Tosibox

Glaston (NASDAQ: GLA1V), a global supplier of glass processing technologies, has implemented Tosibox solutions in all new glass processing machines. With Tosibox’s expertise and solutions, Glaston can easily establish secure remote connections to customer machines. The connection can be set up without deep IT expertise, making implementation easier while enabling simpler providing of customer service throughout the machine’s life cycle. Tosibox’s strong security standards also enable the utilization of business critical data.

In a couple of years since the testing took place, Glaston has supplied 140 machines equipped with TOSIBOX® connections to customers in various parts of the world. All new and refurbished Glaston devices now come with a TOSIBOX®. Problems establishing connections are now a thing of the past, and everything has worked superbly since the beginning.

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