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How to secure connectivity to your buildings

Tomi Liias, Head of European Sales, Tosibox

Property owner, do you leave your doors and windows unlocked? Then what about access to your buildings’ devices? The award-winning TOSIBOX® solution is one of a kind, and it will help you to secure the connections in your buildings.

In recent years we’ve continuously read concerning news about the lack of data security in buildings. Various threats in several building systems have realized, when devices have been connected to the internet without giving much thought to security and consequences for the buildings’ residents, for example. Devices that are online using fixed IP addresses are available for anyone to discover. For instance denial of service attacks are a huge risk for buildings’ systems, which are unable to carry the load of the attack and turn themselves down with unfortunate consequences.

Data security has for a good reason become a hot topic among various players. We’ve discovered that the importance of data security in devices connected to the internet is remarkable. In a small country like Finland alone, there are still more than 2,000 unprotected automation systems (according to Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s report).

Connectivity challenges in the real estate industry

By default, data security is no one’s responsibility. As a rule, the operator is not responsible for the buildings’ data security even though it provides the connections.

Service providers are perhaps in charge of securing the system that they provide. But what happens, when other service providers’ devices are connected to it?

Property owners are naturally concerned with locking their doors, so why couldn’t the owner also have a larger responsibility in securing the connections? At the moment this definition of responsibility is missing from the real estate industry, and it’s partly due to lack of competence.

Tosibox has solved data security for building automation

The traditional way of building connections has been laborious and time consuming. Tosibox offers a ready-made solution – a security audited connectivity technology. Anyone can securely connect devices to the internet with TOSIBOX®, without extensive understanding of IT.

All building’s systems can be connected to TOSIBOX® OT network – the old, the new, and the ones to come. Furthermore, the technology does not require a specific type of Internet connection.

TOSIBOX® is suitable all use cases from single connections to building large property owners’ extensive networks, and it even enables data collection. The management of large networks is extremely fluent.

Industry leaders choose TOSIBOX®

The award-winning TOSIBOX® solution is in a class of its own and at the moment the only one of its kind in the world. This solution is improving real estate connectivity in a big way, and leading real estate players have already chosen Tosibox. Learn more from our references.

”Building automation is a small part of building maintenance. Thanks to Tosibox, we can now focus on core activities rather than constantly troubleshooting connection problems”

Tero Salminen, Property Manager, Asokodit

“In a small country like Finland alone, there are still hundreds of unprotected automation systems.”

Tomi Liias, Head of European Sales, Tosibox