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HY-LINE Systems upgrades Enerparc’s remote access system with TOSIBOX

Tosibox together with our systems integration partner, HY-LINE Systems, have delivered a next generation security solution to enhance solar power plant monitoring at Enerparc´s over 200 solar plants in 16 countries across the globe. All these plants require constant monitoring, maintenance and secure remote access. Enerparc headquarters in Hamburg is connected 24/7 to all remote stations, but also the mobile service team needs to have access to the stations regardless of where they are.

Enerparc installed TOSIBOX® solution and now the service team can now access remote stations on the go with their TOSIBOX® Keys. The scalable solution allows easy and fast setup of new remote connections, including the granting of restricted access for Enerparc’s partners. TOSIBOX® solution makes it easier for the service team to access and serve the solar plants and the people connected to the system.

Read how Enerparc benefits the TOSIBOX® solution and the comments from HY-LINE
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