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Convenient and secure access management

The Tosibox Platform provides a fully secure and hosted management layer that can be fully tailored according to Your needs. Our patented smart technology ensures that legacy hardware units and emerging Tosibox components and technologies are fully compatible.

The unlimited growth potential and possibilities to scale up the number of users, applications, and end-point nodes makes the Tosibox Platform an invaluable long-term investment.

Tosibox Platform

Easy deployment_user

Fast and user-friendly deployments

With the Tosibox Platform, you can use the same network configuration for each site instead of losing precious time setting up or reconfiguring separate network properties for every location. These configurations can be automated in such a way that entire site deployments can be accomplished in less than minutes.

Tosibox enables easy-access user management. Grant various levels of access to technicians, maintenance staff, subcontractors, customers, or other users outside your network simply by using drag and drop functionality. Let us show you how it works and book a free demonstration.

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