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Introducing TOSIBOX® Lock 150

Meet TOSIBOX® Lock 150! This product with upgraded performance continues the legacy of TOSIBOX® Lock 100. TOSIBOX® Lock 150 is compatible with all use cases where TOSIBOX® Lock 100 has been used – for instance building automation and industrial automation.

TOSIBOX® Lock 100 (product codes TBL1EU, TBL1UK, TBL1AU, TBL1US) sales will be discontinued on June 30, 2019. Customer orders placed before this date will be delivered as usual. After this End of Sale date TOSIBOX® Lock 100 will be removed from the price list and it will be no longer available for new orders. TOSIBOX® Lock 100 will stay functional and supported with all existing TOSIBOX® products also in the future (5 years from EoS). TOSIBOX® Lock 150 (TBL15) is recommended for all orders after June 30, 2019. For more detailed information, please consult your local TOSIBOX® sales representative or Customer Support.

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Compact industrial router with firewall

TOSIBOX® Lock 150 serves as an endpoint for your remote connections. IoT devices connected to the Lock can be securely accessed over the Internet and most LAN and WAN networks through an encrypted VPN connection.

Join us on Monday, April 29 as we discuss the features and use cases of TOSIBOX® Lock 150 in more detail.

Order TOSIBOX® Lock 150 for testing

TOSIBOX® Lock 150 is available for EMEA and APAC (with CE marking) through Tosibox sales and distributorsCustomer deliveries will start on April 8.

The product will become available in North America (with UL & FCC markings) later.

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