CEO blog: From Internet of Things to Internet of Everything
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From IoT to IoE: When we connect ourselves to the web, trust is the best currency

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox Oy

The Internet of Things is starting to be an everyday concept for us. We know that IoT is an established concern for our smart homes, industrial automation and in general for all devices that can be controlled and measured online. The collected data moves through the Internet for example into cloud services for further accumulation, analysis and utilization. IoT is familiar to us, but the term does not describe the present as comprehensively and concretely as IoE – the Internet of Everything. The trend is that everything will be connected to the Internet. Everything.

The IoE comprises all online activities in manufacturing, supply chains, business processes and the mundane human activities from emails, social media posts and conversations to the use of activity trackers, remotely updatable pacemakers and the computer inside your car.

We are a part of the web, and the web is an irreversible part of us and our lives. As the number of smart clothing and various wearable solutions increases, you also wonder more about the security of various web solutions. Smart phone applications combined with a chip under your skin to quickly and painlessly measure your blood sugar are already a familiar story to diabetics. Nearly every office knows the possibilities of remote work and remote access. What if the remote access to our meters, smart homes and jobs is not secure? What if someone remotely takes control of your car and breaks while you’re overtaking a truck on the freeway?

Author and speaker Rachel Botsman has said that the currency of the new economy is trust. For example: when we trust in the solutions of platform economy such as the apartment rental service Air B&B, we trust more in the reputation of the application than the stranger who we let into our home. Business is based on trust in the application. The value of companies is based on their customers’ trust, and trust is exactly what it’s about in this technologizing and digitalizing world.

If the application’s reputation suffers, so does the trust of its users, and the users will move on to become customers of another, more reliable solution. Work needs to be put in every day in order to maintain trust, as recovering lost trust will take a long time.

Without trust digitalization cannot develop further. If we cannot trust in our remote connections working securely and trouble-free, we will have to limit their use into situations where reliability is less significant. In the worst case, remote connections cannot be utilized at all.

Factories, banks, power plants and even the smart locks of our homes already depend on reliable connectivity. Who would want their employees’ emails read in real time by their competitor? Or to their front door a lock whose updates burglars could tamper with remotely?

Political dimensions are also related to remote connections. Becoming a victim of industrial espionage is a reality for many companies. Spies are interested in the companies’ innovations and in their product development in general. The value of data is also recognized by malicious actors. The more international and innovative you are, the more likely your intellectual capital will interest other countries who want to speed up their own market economy even with questionable means.

Finland’s reputation as a stable Nordic country benefits all of us, and not the least Tosibox. We can be trusted, and trust is an even stronger currency on the international market for both Tosibox and other Finnish companies. We are a neutral choice from a trustworthy country, and our products are manufactured here in Finland. I am particularly proud of this and thankful that others have noticed the fact, too. Tosibox has been recognized with the Key Flag symbol, and our solution is already in use in more than 120 countries worldwide. The demand grows every day.

The exponential growth of IoE along with the amount of data and its connectivity create prerequisites for Tosibox, the company developing secure and simple IoT connectivity solutions. The accelerating growth of ubiquitous technology and the need for high-quality, secure, reliable and user-friendly solutions are opportunities. That is why I am proud of our company.

Some of the opportunities we cannot yet but speculate, since we cannot see into the future. However, we can anticipate and be agile. Therefore we have, among other things, updated our strategy, but the work continues every day. To me these past months at Tosibox have been rewarding and a learning experience. I look at the future with a confident mind.

“Finland’s reputation as a stable Nordic country benefits all of us, and not the least Tosibox.”

Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox Oy